Our neighborhood

I want to buy medicine. I go to the drugstore. By Luis

I want to play. I go to the park. By Cata

I want to read a book. I go to the library. By Isa

I want to see pictures. I go to the museum. By Antonia

I need petrol. I go to the petrol station. By Facu

I want to buy clothes. I go to the department store. By Delfi

I want to see a film. I go to the movie theatre. By Sofi

I want to eat outside. I go to the restaurant. By Lola

I want to send a letter. I go to the postoffice. By Amy

I want to buy bread. I go to the bakery. By Oli G

I want to drink coffee. I go to the cafe. By Rufino

I want to buy food. I go to the supermarket. By Angela

I want to sleep. I go to the hotel. By Quinto

I need money. I go to the bank. By Salvi

I want to buy a book. I go to the bookshop. By Viole

I want to take a train. I go to the train station. By Alvi

I want to take a bus. I go to the bus stop. By Alfon

I want to talk to a policeman. I go to the police station. By Bauti

I want to call a firefighter. I go to the firestation. By Vito

I feel ill. I go to the hospital. By Rochi

I want to visit my great grandfather. I go to the cemetery. By Paqui

I want to take a taxi. I wait for a taxi looking right and left. By Emi

I want to take the underground. I go to the underground. By Felix

I want to buy fruits and vegetables. I go to the greengrocer’s. By Simon

I want to take a plane. I go to the airport. By Fran

I want to learn. I go to school. By Oli LB

I want to cross the street. I look right and left. By Fede

I want to take my dog to the doctor. I take my dog to the vet. By Benja

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